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Compliance-EQ Communications and Influencing Skills Program for Compliance and Risk Professionals


The New Dynamics of Communications and Influence in the post-Covid and new Hybrid Age are:

1. Attention is the New Currency
2. Emotion (not Logic) Captures Attention
3. Level of Trust = Level of Attention
4. Share of Attention = Share of Stakeholder INFLUENCE

The Compliance-EQ High Trust Advisor Communications Program makes those dynamics work for you.

Compliance and risk professionals are recognised as strong in IQ or technical intelligence. To be successful in today's post-Covid world however and to be recognised, respected and rewarded for their contribution and expertise, they can hugely benefit from developing more emotional and communications intelligence or EQ.

Welcome to the Compliance-EQ program.
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Influence and Communications Program for compliance and risk professionals

Become a master of business Communications and a highly trusted Compliance and Risk advisor.

This online course of 5 x 2 hour weekly modules plus 3 x 1 hour group coaching sessions runs each Thursday (from 12.30-2.30pm) starting September 21st and ending November 16th.

This interactive program provides the skills and psychology of modern business influence and communication. It provides immediately actionable techniques to help you reach the next level of success in your compliance or risk role.

The live master classes will also be recorded and made available for a limited time after each session. In addition, a copy of the book The Highly Trusted Advisor (see below) will be provided to each delegate who attends plus a digital workbook for each master class.

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This program is ideal for compliance and risk professionals of all levels.

The program is designed to help technically expert compliance and risk leaders, managers and individual professionals transform into business influencers.

Professionals who are recognised, respected and rewarded for their contributions to the business and their ability to successfully deploy their expertise.
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The program runs from 12.30pm-2.30pm (GMT) on Thursday September 21st (class), September 28th(class), October 5th (1 hour group coaching session), (no call on October 12th) October 19th (class), October 26th (class) November 2nd (1 hour group coaching session) November 9th(class) and November 16th (1 hour review and program wrap-up session)
The program includes:
10 hours of live online training
3 x one hour group coaching sessions where we apply the learnings
A personal copy of the book : 'The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age' by Sean Weafer
Access to the online recordings of the classes (limited access)
Personal email support during the duration of the course.
A certificate of completion for each delegate.

Compliance-EQ course details

Overview of the course modules and outcomes.

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Connecting in Colour’: How to Recognise and Build High Trust with Different Work Personalities
How valuable would it be if you were able to instantly recognise a colleague’s or key stakeholder's personality type, how they prefer to connect and communicate with people and then be able to influence them accordingly?

Learn how to deliberately create a successful and impactful communications strategy with other people to build your professional and career success.

Module Outcomes:

- Discover how a 2,500-year-old model can grow your trust with colleagues and contacts while maximising your influence with stakeholders.

- Understand the meaning of rapport and trust and how to minimise ‘perceived threat’ when communicating with others.

- Learn how to quickly and successfully recognise a colleague’s unique personality preference to minimise conflict and grow engagement and performance.

- Discover how to successfully adapt and flex your communication style to meet other's unique style to create powerful rapport and influence.

- Explore how people's different personality types process your information, then make decisions and how to adapt that knowledge to meet their needs.

- Learn how best to influence colleagues to build your brand and value within the business based on personality preferences.
Advanced Questioning and Influencing Skills
A highly trusted professional and advisor knows that questions and suggestions are the keys to successful influence and meeting management. Questions allow us to comfortably control and influence each and every business meeting and presentation.

They engage colleagues and team members in a shared experience of identifying their needs and solving their challenges.

In this module we learn how to consciously use the power of questions, suggestions and language to easily connect, influence and engage our colleagues, team members and stakeholders to grow our (and their) success.

Module Outcomes:

- Learn why the person who asks the questions controls the meeting outcomes.

- Discover the power of ‘forced teaming’ and ‘soft language’.

- Explore 6 key psychological questions and their effect on a person’s perception of you.

- Understand the key principles of active listening and how to demonstrate it.

- Values-based conversations: learn how people make decisions and how you can successfully influence their decisions.

- Understand how to overcome any and all objections or resistance to your proposal and ideas.

- What to do when someone says ‘No’ to your proposal or idea.

Networking to Build Your Professional Brand
Networking is a critical skill for any compliance and risk professional or executive. Being able to attend dinners, corporate or professional conferences (and now digital and online events and conferences) and connect confidently with colleagues and professional contacts in an easy, confident and engaging style, is necessary for any compliance and risk professional who wants to build a strong and valued professional brand.

Networking is a strategy, not a hope and anyone can learn it. For a modern compliance professional, it is a fundamental skill to get access to and build new relationships.

Module Outcomes:

- Understand the power of personal contact and digital networking, what networking actually is and what it isn’t and why it matters to compliance professionals.

- How to get access to key stakeholders through networking.

- How to prepare for a networking event and create your networking objective.

- Lose the fear of networking forever.

- Learn how to successfully introduce yourself to people in breakout rooms or at live events.

- Capture and hold a contact’s attention with excellent conversational skills.

- Create a structured and engaging networking conversation.

- Learn how to 'exit elegantly' from a networking conversation and how to follow-up successfully.

- How to use LinkedIn as an online networking tool and how to develop your digital networking presence.
How to Deliver Successful and Winning Pitches or Presentations
The ability to speak in public, be it a small but critical stakeholder presentation or delivering a larger conference or presentation, is a highly sought-after skill in compliance and risk professionals.  

Whether live or online, to be able to craft a compelling presentation, deliver it confidently and influence the audience, enhances your ability to be powerfully convincing with others and grow your personal standing and impact. Learn how to excel at it on this module.

Module Outcomes:

- Learn the key psychological secrets that attract an audience’s attention.

- Discover how to structure and deliver a high-impact presentation.

- Become a confident and master speaker with any audience, small or large.

- Learn to use humour and story to compel your audience to engage.

- Discover how to manage audience questions and challenging participants.

- The WHW Structure.

- Learn why simplicity should rule slide decks.

- How to open and close presentations and speeches with impact.

- How to manage your confidence when presenting.
Managing Your Professional Time
Being able to boost your productivity while managing your professional boundaries and professional overwhelm is critical in a world of constant change..

In Module 5 we look at various techniques for managing your productivity, your performance and your wellbeing in the modern environment, including identifying, articulating and setting high performance goals.

Lack of focus is the biggest enemy of success. Excellent personal clarity, focus and powerful motivation are critical elements in driving a compliance professional’s performance and they impact positively on how they manage their time and their professional boundaries.

In this module, Sean Weafer takes you through how to get the most out of your professional day, while staying in greater control of change.

Module Outcomes:

- Why 'time management' is an error.

- How focus and meaning drive productivity - the ‘6 C Model of Performance’.

- Defining effective v efficient.

- Tips on managing emails

- The key questions to ask to protect your professional boundaries and manage overwhelm.

- How to correctly define a performance goal.

- How to identify the key steps for change.

- How to stay on track for success.
Fees and outcomes

The Early Bird program fee until September 8th is €550 per person for the full 8 session program, including all materials. It then reverts to the normal fee of €650 per person.

Here are just some of the skills and abilities you take away from the program.
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We've helped others, just like you

Here's what our clients are saying:

Fantastic working with Sean, it’s very rare you can walk out of a training with a ready to go tool for success.
Richard Kinsella
Senior Manager - Business Transformation Consulting at EY
Just attended a training session with Sean doing a number of modules that make up part of his High Trust Advisor program. A very engaging two days in an environment where Sean ensured everyone was challenged to get the most out of the sessions.A number of my team went through these workshops as well and it was great to see experienced professionals coming back with new ideas and renewed energy to manage the needs of our customers. I would highly recommend Sean to all professionals regardless of their experience as there definitely will be something new to learn.
Henry Cleary
Head of Global Markets Bank of Ireland - Northern Ireland

This program is based on the book ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Team and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ by Sean Weafer.

Each program comes with a PDF and hard copy of the book, access to digital recordings of the master classes, digital workbooks and personal email support during the program.
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coaching and training programs Available online or in-person
If you'd like to discuss taking this program in-house for your compliance and risk team delivered live by OR book an individual, confidential, online G2S leadership coaching program with Sean, please contact for more details.
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Frequently asked questions...

We've got the answers to your questions.

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What is the Cost of the Program, Who Should Attend and What Does The Compliance-EQ: High Trust Advisor Program Offer:
The course early bird fee is €550 per person until September 8th (it then reverts to the normal fee of €650) for the program and provides 10 hours of live online training, 3 x 1 hour of group coaching, a PDF copy of the book, access to the online class recordings, personal email support for the duration of the program and a certificate of course completion.

The program suits compliance and risk professionals at all levels of experience and seniority

The Course Includes:

1. The ability to recognise, adapt to and work with different kind of colleague or stakeholder personalities increasing your empathy, trust, influence and impact with key decision makers.

2. Advanced questioning and influencing skills to manage every meeting, handle any pushback or objection and really understand how stakeholders make decisions and use that to increase your degree of influence with them.

3. Networking skills that can provide you with the motivation, confidence and the ability to create an influential professional brand and a network of influence and knowledge.

5. The psychology of effective business presentations and pitches, how to make presentations shorter yet more impactful and how to win the attention and engagement of audiences in the post-Covid era.

6. Techniques for managing professional time and focus to increase productivity while managing change and professional boundaries with others.
How Does the Program Do This?
The program is delivered over 5 x 2 hour weekly live webinars presented by Sean Weafer, the book's author and then 3 x one hour group coaching sessions to make sure the lessons are applied.

The program is supported by the book, class workbooks and master class recordings, as well as email support throughout the program.
Why Should I Take or Offer the Compliance-EQ: High Trust Advisor Program to My Team?
This internationally proven communications program is full of practical, easy to apply, techniques to help expert professionals build more empathy, trust and influence with their contacts and colleagues. It transforms them from simply being business experts to also being business influencers able to successfully deploy their expertise.

Delivered to firms in accountancy, banking, legal, logistics, technology and telecoms, small business, university, financial and insurance it is full of tips and techniques to get access to and build successful and profitable relationships with contacts, colleagues and stakeholders.

Delivered by Sean Weafer, a master of language, communications and influence, who has presented to global audiences and has nearly three decades of experience in the ever changing field of communications, coaching, leadership and sales enablement.

Be Recognised, Respected and Valued as a Highly Trusted compliance and Risk Partner in the New Hybrid Age.

Register for the Compliance-EQ: High Trust Advisor program now to learn how to communicate with greater empathy, trust, influence and impact with colleagues, team members and key stakeholders.
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