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Hire Sean as a speaker for your next event

Live and online programs to activate and inspire your leadership or sales audiences.

Sean delivers great content through humour, loads of energy, deep insight, engagement and powerful delivery of takeaway tips and techniques.

He's previously addressed leadership and sales teams from The Financial Times, Bank of Ireland, ACCA, Praxis, Johnson & Johnson and many more.

If your leadership or sales conference or 'kick off' event can benefit from a professional speaker OR if your company speakers could do with some excellent pre-conference coaching on topic development or speaking skills, to make their presentation even more engaging and effective to your staff or client audiences, call us now. I'd love to speak.

The High Trust Advisor: Sales Influence Program

The New Dynamics of Sales in the post-Covid and new Hybrid Age are:

Attention is the New Currency
- Emotion (Not Logic) Captures Attention
- Level of Trust = Level of Attention
- Share of Attention = Share of Wallet

The High Trust Advisor Sales Influence Program provides the practical skills to make those dynamics work for you.

The High Trust Advisor: Team Communication Skills Program

Create a bespoke or tailored communications training for your executive teams (or organisation and institute members) through a comprehensive set of modular workshops in interpersonal communications, influencing skills, networking, presentation skills, team building, team communications and/or coaching and mentoring skills training.

Design your ideal program to give them the skills to help them deploy their expertise more effectively, manage key stakeholders, project their brand more successfully, learn to present with confidence and/or build effective and high-performing teams.

Course modules

module 1

Connecting in Colour

Quickly identify and build trust with different stakeholder and team personalities. Build high-performing and trusted team and stakeholder relationships.

module 2

Advanced Questioning and Influencing Skills

Create quality team engagement and feedback, meeting management, overcome objections and improve your stakeholder influencing skills.

module 3

Networking to Build Executive Brand and Influence.

Quickly and effortlessly connect with important stakeholders and build a powerful leadership or team brand and influence through professional networking live and online.

module 4

The Psychology of Winning Presentations Skills Live and Online

Create and deliver compelling presentations to live and digital audiences. Learn why traditional presentations no longer work and what you can do to win your audience's attention, agreement and approval.

module 5

Managing Your Professional Time

Make time work for you, improve your personal organisation, performance and productivity. Learn why time 'management' is a fallacy and what we should focus on to be more productive, while creating a successful work/life balance.


Explore leading-edge presentation skills training and consulting to helping your leaders and executives become excellent presenters and conference speakers. 

Explore services from skills workshops to develop and present to modern audiences, to 'auditing' of presentations and proposals, to individual speaker coaching for conference speaking from a top class international speaker and trainer.

Speaker Coaching

Have you an important presentation, conference speech or pitch coming up?

Then take our unique one-day intensive program focused on empowering your company message

Helps revenue or expert leaders develop professional-level conference speaking or presentation skills to influence board, investor, staff or client audiences.


A half-day interactive skills workshop (or engaging keynote conference or event speech) in how to use personal contact networking as a strategy to build leadership brand and executive presence OR access new prospects and clients OR upgrade your professional networks and career.

Vision, Values and Messaging Day

Take time out with a professional facilitator to define a set of values, a vision and a powerful brand message for your team that they are happy to own and are proud to see implemented.

Create effective business messages based on these values that can be easily communicated to (and understood by) key internal and external stakeholders.

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

Mentoring and Coaching skills are essential for modern leaders. They help enhance performance, competence and skills in a modern team or organisation. Click to download our workshop program.

Managing KPIs and Performance 

Take time out with a professional facilitator to identify, benchmark and assign responsibility for key performance indicators (KPIs) as a team and set the goals necessary to attain them in this interactive and practical day. 

This highly structured process encourages engagement and interaction from all of members of the team to define and agree the steps for future team or business success, then to take accountability for their delivery.