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The Next Level Leaders Program


If you're a leader or a future leader leading an expert team (professional services, finance, legal, sales, tech, insurance, engineering etc.) or an SME owner itching to make a massive impact on your leadership style, your team's performance or your fees, guess what? This program is tailor-made for you.

Would you like to be able to maximise your team's productivity as a leader? Or be more confident, assured and successful when communicating with your team, clients and key stakeholders?

Get ready to step up to the Next Level of Leadership AND develop some serious transformational leadership, productivity and team development skills while turbocharging your professional brand, executive presence or fees.

The Next Level Leaders Program is your ticket to leadership stardom, especially if you want to 10X your levels of productivity, presence or fees. If you are an existing leader, or a future leader stepping into a new role, this is your program.

Why is this leadership program different to any other?

Let's start with the opportunity for live interaction with a unique collaboration of 10 global experts and best selling authors as your guides. Next, there's the flexibility of the program being either live or recorded (if you miss a class). Then there's the quarterly Next Level Leaders Academy, providing key skills training not just for you but for selected members of your team as well.

Then there's the group coaching sessions, allowing for peer-to-peer learning and deep diving into leadership topics of the day. There's even your own hard copy Leadership Library with books selected by our resident experts.

Finally ,there's the fact that this course addresses things traditional leadership training does not. For example; how to build confidence and overcome imposter syndrome, how to sharpen your thinking and respond quickly and effectively to challenges, how to manage your key stakeholders effectively, how to get control of potential team conflict and align your team for success, techniques for boosting your wellbeing and even how to develop the mindset and resilience of a world champion.

Here's how we do it: we provide a program of 10 x online live master classes led by leadership experts and authors that'll blow your mind, 11 x online group coaching and informal events where you'll deep-dive into leadership topics with your peers AND 4 x intensive Next Level Leaders Academy executive communications workshops that'll turbocharge your team.

Ready to take your leadership game to the next level? Join us and let's make it happen.

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Empowering Leaders for Transformational Growth, Productivity and Leadership Success

This unique program for next level leaders offers members the following benefits: 

This 12 Month Leadership Program Gives You:

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program benefits

What do you gain from joining the Program?

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First, an unparalleled leadership education experience.

Join us for 10 x live, monthly online masterclasses featuring international experts and authors from diverse fields like business and sports.

Discover the next level leadership skills that transcend industries. Learn how to cultivate high-performance team cultures, harness the power of critical thinking and accelerate your leadership journey.

The best part? You have the flexibility to attend these dynamic masterclasses in real-time or catch up with the recordings at your convenience for up to 30 days after each training.

Plus, get ready to engage directly with these renowned experts and authors, ensuring an interactive and enriching learning journey.

It's time to elevate your leadership skills and take your career to new heights. Join us on this exciting educational adventure where we forge leaders and fuel success.
Second, the opportunity to discuss and explore leadership topics and expand your leadership horizons with your peers.

Picture this: you're in a safe space filled with other leaders, all eager to connect, share insights and explore current leadership topics and challenges. Welcome to our informal group coaching and networking sessions.

But it's more than just mingling; it's about the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, tapping into fresh perspectives and soaking in the collective wisdom of fellow leaders. These monthly online coaching sessions are where the magic happens.

Dive-deep into topics you're passionate about and if you're itching to meet someone specific, just ask, we'll gladly make the introduction. You've heard that your network is your net worth. Let's build it together and expand your leadership reach and influence.
Third, a golden ticket to our quarterly Next Level Leaders Academy. But here's the twist: you can bring along up to four of your team members, absolutely free!

What's on the agenda? Well, get ready for some game-changing half-day workshops. We're talking about workshops in advanced questioning and influencing skills, networking skills, mastering the art of creating and delivering successful presentations and managing your professional time and boundaries.

It's not just an opportunity; it's a game-changer for you and your team. Join us and lets supercharge your team together!
Lastly, it's your very own Leadership Library, the kind that's not just any library, but one filled with wisdom handpicked by our top leadership experts. And guess what? We're making it easy for you.

Here's the deal: every two months, like clockwork, you'll receive a fresh hard copy book, carefully chosen or recommended by our experts.

That's six fantastic books in total over the year, each one a treasure trove of leadership insights.It's not just books; it's your personal journey towards leadership excellence, one page at a time.
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The schedule of annual events:
26 October 2023
Allan Mackintosh: Creating and Sustaining a High Performance Team
Learn the key essential steps to ensuring you develop a true high performance team
Group Coaching and Networking Session
October 12th 8am-9am - The first group coaching and 'meet and greet' session where we kick off the program.

Allan Mackintosh

November 23rd, 2023
Paul Davis: Unlocking Your Inner Genius: Leading Teams with Authenticity
In the fast-paced world of business, leaders often grapple with aligning their personal strengths and authenticity to the demands of the corporate world. How do we merge our intrinsic genius with the pressing need to drive revenue and lead formidable teams? During this transformative session we’ll dive deep into understanding your unique leadership strengths and harnessing them to empower and enable your teams.
Group Coaching and Networking Session
November 9th 8am-9am

Paul Davis

December 8th, 2023
8am - 9:30am
Neil Mullarkey: Combined Holiday Meet and Greets and Improv Masterclass
You may have seen UK TV Channel 4's show *Whose Line Is It Anyway* or an improv comedy show in the theatre. Would you like to be that creative and collaborative, working together in the moment? Neil Mullarkey actor, author and comedian has been teaching leaders how to use these skills across the world for over two decades. This interactive session will be great fun and enhance your interpersonal powers (you will become a better listener) and your broader confidence in dealing with an uncertain world in which there is no script...

Neil Mullarkey

January 25th, 2024
David Hyner: Achieve More in ‘24: How to Set MASSIVE Success Goals in 2024!
This fun and practical master class in goal-setting kicks off the New Year in style.
Group Coaching and Networking Session
January 11th 2024 8am-9am

David Hyner

February 22nd, 2024
Valerie Pierce: Sharp Thinking for Effective Leadership
In this Masterclass, Dr. Valerie Pierce, Creator of the Clear and Critical Thinking training programmes will share simple and effective thinking techniques to enhance your peak performance in challenging times, using the 3 P’s
Group Coaching and Networking Session
February 8th 8am-9.30am

Valerie Pierce

March 28th, 2024
Scott Johnston: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome to Be a More Compelling Leader
Imposter syndrome eats away at our identity. Authentic gravitas is the secret sauce of leadership, engagement and respect. This session will help you understand who you are and how you want to be perceived by those you lead. It will help you to be a Compelling Leader.
Group Coaching and Networking Session
May 9th 8am-9am

Scott Johnston

April 25th, 2024
James Parnell: The Stress-Free Productivity Warrior
In this interactive session, we talk about the 4 pillars of productivity and the amazing resources at your disposal and embedded within you that can fire your productivity. 
Group Coaching and Networking Session
April 11th 8am-9am

James Parnell

May 23rd, 2024
Yasmin Vorajee: Messaging and Managing Stakeholders: How to Communicate With, Persuade and Influence Your Key Stakeholders
Managing your internal and external stakeholders is a critical skill for leaders in the Hybrid Age. This unique presentation will cover the 5 key areas to become and influential and impactful leader with your stakeholders. 
Group Coaching and Networking Session
March 14th 8am-9am

Yasmin Vorajee

June 27th, 2024
Billy Schwer: Mental Boxing: Get Your Team Punching Above Their Weight!
After the last two years, it’s no surprise if your teams are depleted, pessimistic and seem to be ready to throw in the towel.

Now is the time to show them how to get back up off the canvas and find their second wind.
Group Coaching and Networking Session
June 13th 8am-9am

Billy Schwer

July 25th, 2024
The Benefits of Managing a Multicultural Team
An interactive and engaging presentation, with multiple video clips, images and humour to give participants the tools to deal with the situations (both as team members and leaders/managers and both as expats and as locals) that can arise due to the very sensitive nature of this subject, which is becoming increasingly important as the world is becoming more global and diverse.
Group Coaching and Networking Session
July 11th 8am-9am
August 22nd, 2024
Summer Meet and Greet.
An informal summer networking get together.
early bird program offer:

Early Bird Offer: a Communications Workshop for Your Team, Available to First 12 Members. (Offer Ends October 6th).

Our program fee is just €2950 VAT-free (or €295 per month for 12 months) for the year and it includes all the incredible resources we offer. But, there's more!

If you're one of the first 12 savvy leaders to jump on board now and pay you fee before October 6th, you'll snag an 'Early Bird' bonus. A personalised half-day online communications skills workshop for your team.

Now, this workshop is no ordinary thing. It's part of The High Trust Advisor Executive and Business Development Communications Program, a game-changer that's already made waves at companies like Bank of Ireland, Dell Technologies, Towergate Insurances, DB Schenker and many more.

So, what's this program all about? It's all about mastering the new dynamics of influence and communication in the post-Covid world. It equips your team with the practical, cutting-edge communication skills they need to be at the forefront of engaging colleagues and stakeholders in this new Hybrid Age.

Ready to dive in? Just hit that 'View Workshops' button to get all the juicy details on the program and pick the perfect workshop for your team. Let's make some serious communications magic happen.

program curator:

Hi I'm Sean Weafer and I love to work with existing and future leaders of expert teams (professional services, finance, accounting, technical, legal, sales etc.).

Why? So that they can deploy their knowledge and expertise even more effectively with their teams, key stakeholders and clients to transform their firm's fees, productivity and quality of leadership.

I have a wealth of leadership, business development, coaching and mentoring, conference speaking, psychological insights and expert contacts to draw on that have helped me create the unique Next Level Leaders program.

I'm an engineer by profession, a former IT sales executive/manager/director and psychotherapist, so I like simple, clear explanations and actionable steps to master complex concepts like mindset communications, leadership, sales and coaching.

We've put an amazing team of gurus together on this unique collaborative leadership program, to help current and future leaders master the art of leading expert teams. So join us where we 'Forge Leaders and Fuel Success'.

We've worked with others, just like you

Companies we have worked with:

Joining the program

Join the Next Level Leaders Program, Today.

Here's the scoop on joining us: As the program is a 'rolling program' (modules are repeated - or updated - at the end of each annual cycle) you can hop on board anytime, no need to wait for a specific date. Once you're in, your membership is good for a whole year.

Now, let's talk about confidentiality. We take it seriously. When you sign up, you'll agree to our membership terms, which include a rock-solid NDA (that's a Non-Disclosure Agreement) for all those juicy discussions during our Group Coaching and Masterclass sessions.Your trust and privacy? Non-negotiable.

So come on in, join the journey and let's get ready to forge leaders and fuel success, together.
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Frequently Asked Questions...

We've got the answers to your questions.

How Much Time Does the Program Take?
Every month (except for August) there is a 60 minute group coaching session AND a monthly 90 minute online leadership master class with a global leadership expert or author.

In December and August there is a special group coaching sessions with a seasonal holiday gift from us and a special guest to celebrate with.
What’s My Investment?
Currently, the fee for this outstanding, value-filled and unique leadership program is just €2950 or €295 per month for 12 months.

We also have corporate annual memberships for firms who would like to place a number of delegates on the program. Contact us for more details.
What’s My Commitment?
Members are encouraged to schedule and attend Group Coaching and Master Classes regularly, as the synergy of the group is in its membership. Master classes are recorded and available for 30 days after the presentation date.

At the end of the cycle of classes, the classes repeat (or are updated), so new members can join at any time and remain with the program for a full calendar year.
Is This a Safe Confidential Space?
Yes. All program members sign a membership agreement that includes an NDA for all matters discussed at group coaching sessions and master classes.
Is There a Vetting Process?
Yes but it's pretty straightforward. The main proviso being that you lead or manage a team of expert professionals (professional services, legal, finance, technology, engineering, sales, actuarial, research, compliance etc.).

All prospective members have an initial discovery call and are then invited onto the program based on their role, expertise, goals for the program and willingness to engage with other program members.
What If I Don’t Like It?
Not a problem. You simply resign at any time with 30 days written notice.  However please note that your membership agreement for the leadership program runs for 12 months without refund.
What If I Do Like It?
At the end of the program, members are offered a choice to join a closed, advanced mastermind group of peers to continue the journey.