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measured and accountable leadership & executive coaching

Global to Specific Leadership and Executive Coaching.

The G2S system is a proven, personally tailored, structured and measurable coaching system for senior leaders and executives (who are experts in finance, compliance, legal or technical roles) in impactful communications and presenting skills, executive presence, active stakeholder management and attaining high performance leadership goals.

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A proven coaching system to deliver maximum impact.

The Global to Specific (G2S) Coaching system was designed in 1997 by Sean Weafer and Dr. Denis Waitley.

Dr. Waitley is an American behavioural psychologist, coach and advisor to the NASA moon landing crews and a renowned author and speaker on human potential.

Sean Weafer is an engineer by profession, an international leadership enablement coach, a respected trainer in coaching and mentoring skills, a certified Marshall Goldsmith coach and author of 'The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age' and ‘CASH: Coaching As a Side Hustle’

How is the Coaching Program Structured?

The program consists of 8 x one hour individual coaching sessions over 4 months. It comes with a personal Global to Specific (G2S) coaching system with supporting materials, including a copy of ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ and access to a series of live online and recorded master classes on enabling leadership communications.

It is ideal for expert senior leaders, directors, department heads and executives who want a personalised coaching program to support them in:

Role change: stepping up to their next leadership role.

Strategic team or board communications

Presenting, speaking and networking skills

Strengthening their executive presence, managing their stakeholders, change and much more.

We talk-the-talk because we've walked-the-walk.

We deliver leadership and executive coaching programs for the top names in modern business.

Client Testimonials:

Keith Doyle

I have worked with Sean over the last 6 months as part of his G2S Leadership Coaching Programme. My time working with Sean has been transformative in terms of developing my goals, objectives and leadership skills. I’ve set goals/objectives with clearly defined action plans to help achieve those goals over the last number of months. Sean provided me with clear advice and additional practical skills to help drive new goals and objectives. As part of the process I have also further developed my existing leadership communications and influencing skills. I would highly recommend Sean as a “trusted advisor” and leadership coach and look forward to continue working with Sean into the future.

Audit Partner at PKF O'Connor Leddy & Holmes Limited
Barry O'Connor

Working with Sean over the last few months has provided an accelerant to the achievement of a number of my developmental objectives and has left me with a number of very useful additional tools for the kit! His coaching system which is focused on personnel accountability and tangible, measurable actions ensures a proactive approach and positive reinforcement loop as objectives are systematically tackled through small achievable actions. Greatly, appreciated the support and direction he offered during the programme and would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to take accountability for reaching the next stage in their professional / executive development.

Head of Financial Analysis at Elavon Europe
Cormac Kelly

2020 and the COVID 19 pandemic it was a time of reflection for me personally and professionally. A positive was that it led me to a crossroads in my career and prompted me to begin a coaching program with Sean. Sean is exactly what I was looking for in a coach, he challenged me, questioned me and more importantly enabled conversations that forced me to question myself in a constructive way. Not only that, he enabled me create the space to think strategically about how I manage my business and career. Sean provides is a very structured, straight forward approach to coaching. He makes the complex process of coaching more simple and attainable by breaking larger objectives down to achievable attainable goals. He helped me create my own structure of management and develop strategies to prioritize the most impactful elements for impact. I would highly recommend Sean as a coach for any individual or team looking to move forward professionally.

Senior Director of Customer Success
Jill Downey

I first approached Sean to train my team in his High Trust advisor techniques (which I also highly recommend) and in our initial chat discovered he was also a business coach. I had just returned from maternity leave for the second time, and previous support I had used for the very purpose of easing the transition didn’t have the impact I had hoped. Though not specifically a coach for returners per se, Sean was compelling in what he could offer, and his direct style and approached was exactly what I needed. I quickly gained focus and became clearer on my objectives. I felt the coaching fast-tracked my return to work and sped up my ability to add value to the business. I had initially felt overwhelmed and this stopped quickly. There was no comforting or discussing the highs and lows of parenting, it was 100% business and outcomes focused and that was exactly what I wanted. I have just returned from number 3 and delighted to be working with Sean again.

Chief Sustainability & Sponsorship Officer
Peter Fagan

I would highly recommend Sean to anyone looking for a strong professional coach. Sean's unique approach helped me to challenge myself and push the boundaries out and focus on how to achieve key objectives in a practicable way."

Senior Director, Global Finance at
Garry Mullane

I would highly recommend Sean to a professional services firm looking to build and foster a team of influencers. Sean has an innate ability to introduce and engrain intuitive and very effective tools which can quickly and easily be brought into your discussions with both external and internal customers. He reveals his proven techniques of effective networking through to influencing and rapidly enables you to focus on your customers real needs and transform your firms assumed differentiators into compelling messages for a customer. Not only was the coaching insightful and extremely relevant, Sean's style also made it very enjoyable!

Partner at BearingPoint | Insurance | Analytics & AI


Coaching As a Side Hustle - By Sean Weafer
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All coaching programs start with a 'test drive' session to explore your needs and to identify and articulate the relevant coaching objectives.

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