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founder and team development Coaching

Founder Coaching Program .

The Founder Coaching program is designed for start up founders and their teams to help develop leadership and sales mastery.

This powerful, tailored, intervention helps startup founders and entrepreneurs develop the mindset, the focus and the skills to be a successful, high-performance, strategic business leader and business developer for your business. In addition, it provides monthly group training workshops that your team members can join to develop their sales and communications skills.

It provides the structure, skills and accountability for you to develop new ideas for your business and the skillsets to supercharge your mindset and motivation, growth, innovation, influence with clients, successful investor and client presentations, as well as manage a better work/life balance and wellbeing.

Based on the Global to Specific (G2S) coaching system, this coaching process is a proven, measured, structured and accountable system that leads you towards more control, freedom, fulfilment and sales success in your business.

The G2S Founders Program empowers and enables you to reach new heights of business productivity and sales growth in (and meet the challenges of ) the modern AI world.

The program consists of a series of personal and confidential coaching sessions and monthly group classes in sales influence, networking and presentation skills, strategic business development and many more skills over 3-6 months.

It provides the structure and the accountability to deliver on key performance objectives and also get more control over your time for a more proactive work/life balance and more freedom.

The program focuses on helping you develop and deliver on 2-3 key business objectives during the course of the program, the results of which are measured and tracked over the program. 

What you get from the program:

The G2S Founder Coaching Program helps you develop some or all of the following: 

Outcome 1

The mindset, the motivation and the confidence of a successful business leader and developer in the modern AI world of business. 

Outcome 2

The ability to create powerful sales and investor messages that gain the attention and the interest of your clients or investors.

Outcome 3

The networking skills that helps develop new business contacts interested in hearing what you have to say, whether in the room or on Zoom.

Outcome 4

The skills to recognise, adapt and influence different team and customer personalities and build highly trusted and influential relationships with them.

Outcome 5

The confidence and the ability to successfully manage meeting outcomes, overcome objections or resistance to your proposals and successfully provide excellent staff feedback and close more deals.

Outcome 6

The confidence and the competence to create and deliver key business presentations and pitches to investors, clients and colleagues.

A proven coaching system to support founder and their team's success.

Meet your coach - Sean Weafer

Hi, I'm Sean Weafer and together with Dr. Denis Waitley, I created The Global to Specific (G2S) Coaching System, used on the G2S Founder Program.

Dr. Waitley is an American behavioural psychologist, coach and advisor to the NASA moon landings and a renowned author and speaker on human potential. 

With over 30 years of leadership, sales and business development experience, I understand the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs and startup founders  who make the brave decision to step up and enter the arena.

I've provided coaching and training programs to high-performance sales teams and leaders of global business brands (such as Microsoft, BT, Towergate Insurances, Bank of Ireland, Keyword Studios, Dell Technologies,, DLA Piper and others).

The G2S Founder Program makes this corporate experience available as a personal service to experts, entrepreneurs and startup founders to help you and your team quickly accelerate the success and profitability of your business.

Why not arrange a short discovery call with me to discuss how to multiply your leadership and sales success today? Just click below and let me show you how it can work for you.