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SMB Owner/Leadership Coaching

SMB Owner/Leader Coaching Program .

The G2S (Global to Specific) Small-Medium Business Owner or Leader Coaching Program from is a powerful, short-medium term intervention that helps any owner or leader of an SMB develop the mindset, the focus and the skills to be a successful, high-performance and strategic leader of their business, while managing their work/life balance and wellbeing.

The SMB Owner/Leader Coaching Program helps empower and enable both you and your team to reach new heights of business and sales success in the modern Hybrid world of business.

The 10 x 60 minute coaching sessions over 5 months (plus monthly 2 hour live communications and business development skills workshops) provides you with the one-on-one support, the framework, the clarity, the accountability and the skillsets to move seamlessly from being an expert in your field to being a successful leader of your team and/or a profitable influencer of your investors and a deal maker/closer with your clients and customers. .

In addition, it helps you to gain more control over your personal and professional time for a more proactive work/life balance.

The program focuses on helping you develop and deliver on at least two key leadership or business development objectives during the course of the program, the results of which can be measured. 

What you get from the program:

The G2S SMB Owner/Leader Coaching Program helps you develop some or all of the following: 

Outcome 1

The mindset, the motivation and the confidence of a successful SMB leader and business developer in the modern Hybrid world of business. 

Outcome 2

The ability to create powerful messages that gain the attention and the interest of your teams, clients and investors.

Outcome 3

The networking skills that helps develop 30 plus new business or investor prospects every year interested in hearing what you have to say, whether in the room or on Zoom.

Outcome 4

The skills to recognise, adapt and influence different customer and team personalities and build successful communications strategies with them.

Outcome 5

The confidence and the ability to successfully manage meeting outcomes, overcome objections or resistance to your proposals, successfully provide excellent feedback and close more deals.

Outcome 6

The skills and the confidence to create and deliver successful business, customer and investor pitches and presentations. 

A proven coaching system to support SMB Owners in the leadership and sales enablement of their businesses.

Meet your coach - Sean Weafer

The Global to Specific (G2S) Coaching System was designed in 1997 by Sean Weafer and Dr. Denis Waitley. 

Dr. Waitley is an American behavioural psychologist, coach and advisor to the NASA moon landings and a renowned author and speaker on human potential. 

Sean Weafer is the author of ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ and ‘CASH Coaching As a Side Hustle’. 

He is an international high-performance leadership and sales enablement coach to global business brands, a respected corporate trainer and facilitator in leadership communications and sales/business development and a certified Marshall Goldsmith leadership coach.

His clients have included leaders from firms such as, Bank of Ireland, DLA Piper, Grant Thornton, Microsoft and many more.

The SMB Leader coaching program makes this experience available as a service to SMB owners and leaders, helping them accelerate the success of their businesses and teams to the next level.