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The future of Management development

Lead with empathy trust and impact in your career.

The ManagementEQ Manager Accelerator program enables expert (financial, legal, technical, accounting, compliance, production etc.) managers and leaders to strengthen their emotional and social intelligence skills to connect and lead with more empathy, trust, influence and impact and to excel at the top levels of their teams and departments  in the hybrid age.

Get ready to step up to next generation leadership.


We talk-the-talk because we've walked-the-walk.

Collectively our presenters have delivered effective management and leadership programs for the top names in modern business.

Course Modules

The Manager Accelerator program strengthens your emotional and social intelligence skills to connect with, lead and retain the best staff for your teams and organisations.

People don’t leave their jobs, they leave poor managers and leaders.
January 25th 2023
Sharp Thinking for Successful Leadership
PresenteD By:
Valerie Pierce
Successful managers and leaders drive high performance with 3 essential thinking skills. This masterclass develops these thinking skills in a step-by-step approach that is easy for you to apply in your everyday working life.
Valerie will show you how to:
  • Use your passion to control your emotions
  • Change negative thinking into positive action
  • How to gain, build and maintain trust with your team and colleagues
  • Get things done by being more innovative in how you think and how you connect to the thinking of others
February 22nd 2023
Modern Leadership in a Remote Leadership World
PresenteD By:
Niels Brabandt
  • How to define and deliver modern leadership
  • Leadership in a Remote Work scenario
  • How to gain, build and maintain trust
  • Motivating people who work for and with you
  • Tools to use as a leader to receive maximum employee satisfaction and maximum productivity
Leadership became increasingly complex in recent years. Moving away from a culture of delegation and control to a participating culture of sustainable leadership, numerous leaders fail to get even close to reach acceptable results.

The consequences are severe. Low motivation, high employee turnover, low productivity and an immediate effect on the bottom line. The employer brand gets affected, costs for recruiting are increased and all this after a pandemic which we have just successfully survived.

In this session learn what aspects of leadership have changed and what does an excellent leader do today? Which components of leadership are a must-have today? Which tools do I need to know and how can I use them in my daily business?
March 29th 2023
How to Coach Your Team: Understanding Coaching and Mentoring and Setting Performance Goals
PresenteD By:
Sean Weafer
Being able to coach or mentor your team or other colleagues is a critical modern leadership skill.

Being able to coach people to identify, articulate and set performance goals for your team is a guaranteed means of driving productivity, even when working remotely. 

Excellent clarity, focus and clear motivation are critical elements in driving productivity and impact positively on how we manage our time. 

In this module, Sean will share with you techniques that will help you understand how to apply the mechanics of good coaching, mentoring and goal-setting, to get even better results from your team members.
  • What is coaching and mentoring
  • How are they different to counselling and training?
  • What are the conditions that contribute to excellent coaching and mentoring
  • How focus and meaning drive productivity - the ‘6 C Model of Performance’
  • Introducing competency-based coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams
  • Key questions to ask to identify critical challenges
  • How to identify and assess individual and team Key Performance Indicators
  • How to correctly define a performance goal
  • How to help the team member identify the steps for change
  • What is needed to keep the team member on track to success
April 26th 2023
Entrepreneurial Leadership – Thinking Outside the Brand
PresenteD By:
Lesley Everett
The brand of any team or organisation today is created by what your colleagues and stakeholders say about you to their professional networks. What they feel about your team or department will always come from their interaction with your people.

This is what Lesley calls ‘Brand Personality’, defined by your people who sit at the core of your authenticity as a team or organisation. 

Having an entrepreneurial mindset as a leader supports your team and stakeholder brand personality.

Therefore the mindset of an entrepreneurial leader or manager:
  • is authentic and genuine
  • is driven to get results
  • is in control of their career and personal growth
  • is strategic and visionary
  • understands themselves and their core strengths and expertise
  • builds solid relationships
  • understands how to motivate and inspire
  • understands people and how to get the best from them
  • is visible and well-known for what they are great at
  • manages their digital reputation strategically
  • takes people with them
  • has a strong network and connections 
This master class explains the structure and foundation for building a strong brand as a manager or leader or team and the practical tools and techniques for you to use, immediately you leave the room.

Learn how to be respected for your passion and recognised and valued for your contributions.
May 31st 2023
Leading With Influence: Advanced Questioning and Successful Meeting Management Skills
PresenteD By:
Sean Weafer
A successful leader or manager knows that questions and suggestions are the keys to successful influence and collaborative leadership.

In this module we learn how the power of questions, suggestions and language can help us easily connect, influence and engage others to grow our – and their – success.
  • Learn why the person who asks the questions controls the meeting outcomes
  • Discover the power of ‘forced teaming’ and ‘soft language’
  • Explore 6 key psychological questions and their effect on a person’s perception of you
  • Values-based conversations - learn how people make decisions and how you can successfully influence those decisions
  • Learn the key principles of active and engaged listening skills
  • Understand how to overcome any and all objections or resistance to your proposal and ideas
  • What to do when someone says ‘No’
  • Learn now to close business or influence meeting outcomes easily and ethically
June 28th 2023
The Psychology of Successful and Winning Presentations
PresenteD By:
Sean Weafer
The ability to speak in public, be it to a small but critical group presentation or delivering an ‘all hands’ or to a large conference, is a much-respected skill in professionals and leaders.  

Whether live or virtually, to be able to craft a compelling speech, presentation or a message, deliver it confidently and influence the audience demonstrates your ability to be powerfully convincing with others and grow your perceived leadership value.

Learn how here.
  • Discover how to create compelling business messages that grab your listeners’ attention
  • Learn the key psychological laws that attract an audience’s attention
  • Discover how to structure and deliver high impact presentations
  • Become a confident and master speaker with any audience, small or large
  • Use humour and story to compel your audience to engage
  • Discover how to manage audience questions and challenging participants
  • Discover how to format your slide decks to win and retain audience attention
  • Learn why simplicity should rule slide decks
  • How to open and close presentations and speeches with impact
July 2023
Professional Networking and Building Brand and Influence
PresenteD By:
Sean Weafer
Networking is a critical skill for any senior manager or leader. Being able to attend dinners, conferences and online events and connect confidently with potential contacts and colleagues (in an easy and engaging style) is essential for any leader who wants to build a strong and valued company or industry brand.

Networking is a strategy, not a hope, and anyone can learn it.
  • Understand the power of personal contact and digital networking in today’s marketplace and businesses
  • Identify and get access to high value and influential company stakeholders or decision-makers through networking
  • How to define and choose the ideal networking events
  • Discover how to build a powerful personal or executive brand
  • Learn how to prepare for a networking event and create your networking objective
  • Understanding group dynamics when networking
  • Lose the fear of networking forever
  • Learn how to successfully introduce yourself to strangers live or in breakout rooms
  • Capture and hold a contact’s attention with excellent conversational skills
  • Create a structured networking ‘small talk’ conversation
  • Exit elegantly from any in-person conversation or situation
  • How to move on and follow-up successfully
  • Get ‘warm’ contact meetings from every event to build your network of influence
  • Create a follow-up strategy
september 27th 2023
How to Build, Sustain and Lead Resilient, High Performing Teams
PresenteD By:
Allan Mackintosh
In this master class Allan will lead you through a model for how to build, sustain and lead your own resilient and high-performing team covering:
  • Introducing the Team Performance Curve model and how to assess where your team sits on the Curve
  • Learn how to guide your Team up the Performance Curve to higher performance
  • Explore the value of team resilience, how to create psychological safety in your teams and build trust, resilience and performance
  • How to access and use the key basics of motivation through the DIAMOND-MOTIVATION™ model
  • Introduce and implement the PARTNERS™ Team Development process and how to create your Team Charter and your Team Development Plan
  • Manage conflict and deal constructively with the key ‘Team Disrupters’
October 2023
Managing Your Professional Time
PresenteD By:
Sean Weafer
Managing one’s professional time is always a challenge, even when in the office. When we lead a hybrid or remote team, it may even be more challenging,

We may feel that we are often reacting to events rather than in control of our time. Especially if we have to maintain our own productivity and as well as that of our team’s, while managing remotely. 

On this module Sean shares ideas that help manage not only your own time but also how to manage that of your remote team’s performance and productivity.
  • Why Time Management is a fallacy
  • The difference between being effective and efficient
  • 6 Questions to help manage your personal and productive space
  • How to be effective at professional boundary management and stakeholder mapping (MND)
  • The power of action planning and using the CIA filter
  • How ‘Virtual’ meetings can drive personal productivity
  • How to delegate in a way that encourages team members to do more
  • Discover the power of role clarity exercises and alignment and leader/team member alignment to drive performance
November 2023
A Menu for Wellbeing or A Recipe for Burnout?
PresenteD By:
Gill Carrie
By identifying the six areas that contribute to leadership burnout, in this module Gill will help you to actively identify any gaps in creating optimal states of wellbeing, health and productivity for you and your team. 

She will introduce you to a menu of tools and techniques to allow you to get the best out of you and your team's busy day, helping you to reduce team stressors and maximise wellbeing.
ManagementEQ Promise

Get unparalleled management training from our world class experts

What you get from the ManagementEQ Manager Accelerator course:

The Manager Accelerator program sets you up for management and leadership success by providing you with more than just world class knowledge but with the practical skills that can be used immediately to transform from expert manager and leader to trusted and influential manager and leader.

Outcome 1

A clear set of game-changing business management and leadership skills.

Outcome 2

A road map for success over the course of the program and beyond.

Outcome 3

Real time access to a panel of international experts and authors in their management fields.

Outcome 4

Access to a personal coach who provides support and valuable insights, motivation and accountability to keep you on track towards your leadership objectives.

Outcome 5

An opportunity to regularly share your leadership victories and challenges within a private and safe environment.

Outcome 6

Access to a group of like-minded managers and leaders also dedicated to excellence in their roles.
Why we're different


We understand that your calendar is busy so we provide your new leadership skills and coaching support in short, practical lessons.


You can start the program whenever you choose and work through your leadership journey from there. 


Our experts will show you how to quickly adapt their knowledge and apply it to successfully manage change in your real world environment.


All master classes and coaching sessions can be accessed on your mobile or cell phone, giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn, whenever and wherever you wish.
live and Remote learning at it's best

Level up your management skills from the comfort of your ideal workspace.

Get started today

How is the program delivered?

The ManagementEQ Manager Accelerator Program is a 10-month rolling (delegates may join at any month during the program and continue until the syllabus has been completed) management and leadership online program consisting of:
How it works
An initial personal 90 minute strategy session to develop your management or leadership objectives for the next 10 months
Monthly 2 hour master classes with published experts and trainers in management and leadership communications and practice
A 1 hour personal coaching session every month to support and provide accountability for your program objectives and learning.
Bi monthly group accountability or networking sessions with other program delegates
A personal assessment and report on your preferred leadership and communication style
Access to digital learning resources (audio seminars, master class sessions)
An expert-recommended book-of-the-month, that builds up into your own personal leadership library

How is the program structured?

  • Master classes are run on the last Wednesday of each month (except December and August) from 3.30pm - 5.30pm (GMT+1). They are presented by a different expert each month and include time to engage directly with the experts through Q&A.
  • Master class presenters are specially chosen for their area of expertise and are usually published authors in their fields.
  • In addition to delivering their leadership class they are available by email for further questions for 30 days after their module.
  • A recording of the class is available to course delegates who may have missed the live class. However it is only retained for 30 days after the class.
  • Coaching appointments are agreed monthly with each delegate.

Program Fee Includes

Full 10-month program
All materials included
Your Leaders Library
Certificate of completion

Get ready to step up to more senior management and leadership positions with our game changing management program.

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Learn from the best

Meet your Presenters

Valerie Pierce

Module Presented:
Sharp Thinking for Successful Leadership
Valerie is Professor of Practice at Ashridge/Hult International Business School, UK.  She has lectured on MSc & MBA programs at many business schools including Ashridge, Brooks University Oxford, Warwick Medical School in the UK as well as Smurfit School of Business and Trinity College, Dublin.
She is the author of ‘Quick Thinking on Your Feet.’ and ‘Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking’ and the creator of the Clear and Critical Thinking training and coaching programs.

Lesley Everett

Module Presented:
Entrepreneurial Leadership: Thinking Outside the Brand
Lesley Everett is an internationally recognized professional keynote speaker and specialist on Leadership Branding. She is the founder and CEO of Walking TALL Training & Consulting, Inc, based in Monterey California. She has created a methodology for Personal Branding that has inspired audiences for the past 16+ years. Lesley is often called upon to comment on people in the public eye on their personal brand and image.  She has appeared many times on TV in the US and UK on BBC News, Sky Business, CNBC, CNN, CBS and Bloomberg.  Lesley has also had over 200 articles in media publications around the world

Allan Mackintosh

Module Presented:
Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
Allan is a dedicated team performance coach and has over 40 years of working in, and with, both corporate and sports teams. Allan is highly rated conference speaker and has spoken at numerous industry conferences across the UK, Europe, and India.  

His latest book, ‘Team Champion! – Taking Teamwork Seriously’ was launched in June 2021.

Niels Brabandt

Module Presented:
Modern Leadership in a Remote Leadership World
Niels Brabandt is a pioneer in digitisation: Google appointed him as a trainer, mentor, and coach in the Google Digital Garage project in 2021. At the same time, BT (British Telecom) appointed him as the only non-British and also the only non-native speaker of the English language as a trainer, coach and mentor in the Skills for Tomorrow project.Niels is a global expert on leadership and sustainability and has credentials from Harvard University, MIT, Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP, UC Berkeley and brings a robust scientific background to his subject on Leadership in a Remote Leadership World. He runs a very successful leadership podcast “The Leadership Podcast’ that reaches over 50,000 listeners weekly. He has published and contributed to ten books of which all are still available. His publications include one of the most detailed studies about Sustainable Leadership.

Gill Carrie

Module Presented:
A Menu for Wellbeing or a Recipe for Burnout
An entrepreneur and educator at the very young age of 19 - Gill’s people, business and educational skills were honed locally, nationally and globally over her 40 years of experience in industry, business and education with major organisations, companies and brands and she was one of the early recipients of the UK’s Investors in People Award for her own company.Gill is the Creative Head of The Leaders Centre and her holistic approach to health and wellbeing dynamics for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations brings enjoyable and empowering insights, tips and takeaways.

Sean weafer

Module Presented:
Communications and Coaching Modules
Sean is originally an engineer by profession and specialises in transforming experts into collaborative influencers and leaders. In the hybrid age expertise is not the defining value of leadership, rather it is the ability to build empathy, trust, influence and impact. Sean has twenty five years training and coaching leaders and executives in coaching, mentoring, speaking, networking and influential communications skills helping them to lead with confidence and influence, build strong networks and project their executive presence and value. He is the author of several books on coaching, communications and the importance of using more Feminine values in leadership today.

Rave reviews of our world class presenters:

Niels Brabandt

Working with Niels was a joy. He truly knows a lot of important new methods regarding the New World of Work. If you’re are looking for someone who can train your team leads, then he is your man.

Recommended by: Omid Nezam, Director, Brand Experience
Valerie Pierce

I must stay that the "Creative Problem Solving" elective by Valerie that I took at Ashridge has made a huge impact on how I deal with challenges that I face at work. The insights and strategies that I gained reflects years of experience condensed into two days by Valerie. Extremely thankful for the great techniques in problem solving.

Recommended by: Santhosh Prabakan, Senior Project Manager, VirtusaPolaris
Lesley Everett

I recently attended an online interactive workshop on personal branding with Lesley Everett focused on taking control of your personal brand, reinforcing your reputation, and differentiating yourself. It was great, I just wish I had heard something similar years ago - it would have saved me a lot of time, angst and effort.

Recommended by: Susan Ball, Partner, RSM UK
Allan Mackintosh

One of the most empowering group sessions I was lucky enough to be involved in, was introduced to our team and facilitated by Allan. His relaxed and measured approach enabled the space and time to work through our own hurdles, whilst enabling sharing best practice and having clear actions as a result. A lot of what I learnt in those groups, I still use to this day.

Recommended by: Janice Fitzpatrick, Daiichi Sankyo Inc
Sean Weafer

I have worked with Sean previously and he is quite simply the best at what he does - there is no one better.

Recommended by: Peter Russell, Managing Director, Telefónica Tech Uk and Ireland.

Frequestly Asked

How long does the program take to complete? 

The program is 10 months long and consists of 10 x master class modules and 10 x one hour monthly personal coaching sessions. 

When can I join the program?

Because the program ‘rolls over’ every 10 months and as each of the monthly master classes are stand-alone, you can join the program at any stage you please and remain with the program until it completes.

When are the master classes held?

The 2-hour master classes are held the last Wednesday of every month (except December) from 3.30pm-5.30pm GMT + 1 (British Summer Time. Times may change during the Autumn/Fall)

When are the coaching sessions held?

Coaching sessions are arranged individually during any given month and at your convenience.

What will I get from the program?

You will learn the skills and mindset of leading with empathy, trust, influence and impact allowing you to step up to connect more deeply with your team and stakeholders and be successful in any leadership position. 

Here are some key takeaways from the program:

1. How to project your value and expertise in a way that is innovative and clear to colleagues and key stakeholders.

2. How to successfully connect, influence and engage with your team, senior stakeholders and board members. 

3. Discover how management and leadership have changed in the post-pandemic world and what it takes to be a successful manager and leader of remote and matrix organisation teams. 

4. How to become a compelling presenter or public speaker.

5. How to easily and confidently network to build knowledge networks and circles of influence.

6. How to think clearly and creatively under pressure.

7. How to build a stronger professional brand and recognition in the marketplace and within the wider organisation for you and your team.

8. How to coach and mentor your team to even higher levels of performance and productivity

9. How to master the management of perpetual change confidently, while reducing stress and building resilience and wellbeing in you and your team.

10. How to step up with the confidence, clarity and competence to a more senior leadership role.

We apply cutting edge insights to deliver maximum impact.

The hybrid masterclass/executive coaching program helps technical and subject matter expert leaders and managers to step up to more effective leadership by improving their empathy, communications, connecting and emotional/social intelligence skills to recruit, lead and retain high-performing and engaged teams, departments or organisations in the new hybrid world.

This is transformation, not just training.

Lead with more empathy, connection and influence and not just expertise.

Successfully managing or leading in today’s business world demands that managers rethink their approach.

The program transforms you from managing and leading based only on your expertise to managing and leading both office-based and remote teams (or in matrix organisations) through greater influence, collaboration, high impact communications and building a strong personal and team brand/network.
Enjoy the future of Management Training

Get Recognised, Respected and Valued as a Successful Leader in the New Hybrid Age.

Register for the ManagementEQ program now to learn how to lead your team or organisation in the new hybrid world with even more empathy, trust, influence and impact.


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