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Speaker Coaching

The Executive Speaker Coaching Program.

Want to protect and enhance your company's brand and project even more executive presence when you present or speak?

The let me coach you to move from ‘downloading expertise’ in a monologue at your audiences, to becoming engaging and impactful speakers on public stages, investor meetings, 'all hands' and conference events, engaged in an influential and impactful dialogue with your audience. 

Would you sometimes struggle to deliver impact when required to present at conferences, investor pitches or company ‘all hand’s’?

Would you like to be have more influence and impact when it comes to presenting your expertise and as a result, enhance your executive reputation and that of your company brand?

I help leaders move from ‘downloading expertise’ in a monologue at their audiences, to becoming engaging and impactful speakers on public stages and conference events, engaged in a successful and influential dialogue with their audience. 

What you get from the program:

This personalised one-day intensive program is focused on helping you to develop professional-level conference speaking or presentation skills (board or ‘all hands’ presentations, investor relations, conference speaking etc.).

The day is tailored to your specific needs and covers:

Outcome 1

Clarifying presentation purpose and desired outcomes

Outcome 2

Developing the conference keynote or presentation title

Outcome 3

Speech content and slide deck development

Outcome 4

Improving confidence and professional delivery

Outcome 5

Consultancy to help build and develop both the presentation/speech and the presenter/speaker to a professional international standard
ManagementEQ Promise

This one-day program radically improves a senior executive or leader’s professional brand and executive presence, the impact of their company message and the level of engagement and attention from their audiences

Let Sean Weafer transform you into a brand ambassador for your business, able to communicate with confidence, impact and influence wherever you speak.

I'm an experienced international conference speaker and have spoken to multi-lingual and multi-cultural audiences all over the world. 

I'm the only professional speaker to have ever been both the opening keynote speaker and the closing keynote speaker at two Global Speaking Summits (2013 and 2022), the bi-annual global summit for professional speakers.   

In 2013 I was honoured with the Professional Speaker Award of Excellence from the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland, the body for professional speakers in the UK and Ireland. 

I've spoken for audiences in the Financial Times, ACCA, Johnson & Johnson, Daiichi Sankyo, Vodafone, Bank of Ireland and many other clients.

My fellow speakers recognise me as master of both language and story, so let's work together to help you create and deliver your most influential and impactful presentation or speech ever.